How to Become a Client of Culpepper & Associates, P.C.

A person does not become a client of an attorney until there is an agreement between such person and the attorney, that the person shall be a client, and the attorney shall provide legal services with respect to a specific matter. Until both the person and the attorney agree as to the essential terms of the specific legal representation, no attorney-client relationship exists. To initiate an agreement to provide legal services, and create an attorney-client relationship, no special words need to be spoken, no written document is required, nor is any money or other thing of value required to be paid. The only thing that is required is the plain and simple agreement of the person and the attorney that the attorney shall provide legal services on a particular matter for the person.

Nothing which is set out in this home page or its various links is intended to create an attorney-client relationship between any person visiting this site and an attorney with Jim L. Culpepper & Associates, P. C..

In order to become a client of our firm, we must first meet and talk to you in person in order to better know you, to understand the facts and information concerning your potential case, and to evaluate the merits of your case to determine if it is a case in which we can provide legal services to you.

Each day, we are asked to review and consider the facts of a number of cases. Many times, we are not able to accept legal representation of a case which is presented to us for a number of different reasons. The first criteria prior to accepting any case is to determine if we believe that we will be able to accomplish a benefit for the client, which will also provide for the public good. A lesser consideration in determining whether or not we will accept a case is the economic effect of handling the case on the law firm. At any given time, Jim L. Culpepper & Associates, P. C. is actively pursuing cases which have a high benefit to the client, or provide substantially for the public good, but have marginal or no economic benefit for the law firm.

If we accept your case, regardless of the reason why we accept your case, we promise that we will actively pursue the case to the best of our abilities to its final conclusion.

We carefully investigate all prospective cases before filing suit. We do not accept nor pursue frivolous lawsuits. We do not represent clients who do not tell us the truth or withhold information which is essential to the evaluation and honest prosecution of the case.

We accept cases for individuals on a contingency basis. Except for legal malpractice claims and claims by businesses, we agree to pay all expenses of trial preparation necessary to prepare and prosecute a case to a conclusion, including all appeals, if any, of the case. The expenses we incur on behalf of our clients are reimbursed to us out of the client's portion of the recovery at the time that recovery is made. As long as our clients follow our advice, if there is no recovery on the claim, then, there is no charge for attorneys' fees, and the costs of preparing and prosecuting the case are paid by the firm and not reimbursed by the client. In legal malpractice claims and claims by businesses, the expenses of the preparation and prosecution of the claim are usually paid for by the client as the expenses are incurred.

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To determine whether or not you have a case that can be accepted by Jim L. Culpepper & Associates, P. C., we need to know more about you, the facts leading up to the occurrence in which you were injured or damaged, the injuries or damages which you suffered, the persons that were involved in the incident, and what you hope to achieve by working with a qualified lawyer in your case.

All information which you provide in this online questionnaire will be kept confidential and will be sent directly to the electronic mail center of Jim L. Culpepper & Associates, P. C. After we receive your inquiry, we will contact you to discuss how we can help you.

Remember the Internet is not confidential. We do not believe that the large volume of individual E-mail on the Internet is monitored, but, if you prefer unquestionable confidentiality, you can address a letter to Mr. Jim L. Culpepper, Jim L. Culpepper & Associates, P. C., 9821 Katy Freeway, Suite 110, Houston, Texas, 77024. If you use the mail, you may print out a copy of this questionnaire and fill it in.

Tell us who you are and how we can contact you.

First name:
Last name:
Number, Street, Apt.:
E-Mail (required):
Day phone:
Evening phone:
Provide us with a brief personal background of the person needing assistance.

Many times, we are contacted by someone other than the person in need of help, such as a family member on behalf of another family member. Please, provide the following information on behalf of the person who needs assistance:
The following information is for myself: Yes No
If "No," my relationship to the person is as follows:
The information relating to the person needing help is as follows:
First name:
Last name:
Current or last employer:
City and state where last employed:
Marital status:
Number of children:
Is this person able to work presently? Yes No
If so, is there any decrease in earning capacity compared to prior to the injury? If so, describe:

Why do you need legal assistance?

Provide us with a brief summary, in 25 words or less, describing why you need legal representation. Please, provide us with a brief overview at this time. A more detailed description can be obtained later.

State the date on which you were injured, or when you first learned that you had been damaged.
Where did your injury occur?
Who do you suspect or believe caused the injury or damage which you have suffered?
Name and address of each person:

What injuries or damages have you suffered?

Describe the injuries or damages which you have suffered.

Was anyone else injured or damaged in the same incident other than you? Yes No
If so, state the name of the person, their relationship to you, what role they played in the incident or how they were involved in the incident, and what injuries or damages they suffered in the incident.

Have you or anyone else filed a lawsuit in connection with the incident for injuries or damages arising out of the incident? Yes No
Is there anything else which you believe you should tell us concerning your case?

How can we help you?

What would you hope to accomplish by hiring us as your attorneys to represent you in this case?


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