Other Civil Matters

The following is a list of various types of other claims with which the firm of Culpepper & Associates, P. C. has experience and in which the firm would be willing to represent clients:

  1. A claim for civil rights violation under 42 U.S.C. Section 1983. A claim of this nature may be against a department or agency of the government for the violation of a right arising under the Constitution of the United States. Examples of this type of a claim include excessive force by police officers, malicious prosecution by district attorneys, wrongful arrest, wrongful search and seizure, and wrongful taking of property.
  2. Wrongful termination. Texas is an at-will employment state which means that an employer can terminate at will within the discretion of the employer, with or without cause, any employee of the employer. Exceptions to the general rule are as follows:
  • A person may not be terminated for the failing to do an illegal act.
  • An employee may not be terminated for contacting an attorney to give the employee legal advice concerning the employee's liability for activities involved in the employee's job.
  • An employee may not be terminated for filing a worker's compensation claim.

The above relates to claims for wrongful termination, as opposed to discrimination, during the hiring or employment. Another body of law addresses the rights and remedies of persons for employment discrimination.


Do you have a claim involving either of the above, or some other claim?

If you have been injured or damaged as a result of either of the above or some other claim, you may have certain rights against the person(s) who were responsible for causing your injuries and/or damages. If you would like more information concerning your possible claim, then, please, fill out the following questionnaire. You may provide as much or as little of the information requested. All information which you provide to us will be kept strictly confidential. If you know of someone with a claim based upon a defective product, please, E-mail them and recommend that they visit this Website, or print out this questionnaire, and ask the person to mail it to Jim L. Culpepper & Associates, P. C.

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