Business Litigation

Jim L. Culpepper & Associates, P. C. represents individuals and companies in business and commercial litigation in both state and federal courts. We have been successful in obtaining effective results for our clients in an efficient manner in a wide variety of business litigation claims, and we can get you the results you need in your business litigation case.


Experienced Litigators.

You need the right kind of attorney to represent you in your business litigation case. Some attorneys spend their entire legal career without ever entering the courtroom, and they cannot provide the experience and expertise with litigation that your case needs. Litigation is what we do. Our attorneys are licensed to appear in both state and federal courts. We have over thirty years of experience practicing in state and federal courts throughout the state of Texas. We also have experience representing our clients in arbitration proceedings, which are often required in business litigation cases. Because of our experience and expertise, we can offer you the highest quality results at a minimum of expense. We are familiar with the procedural requirements of your case and are comfortable appearing before judges and juries. We can handle your case from before the filing of the lawsuit through the trial of the case and, if necessary, any proceedings for an appeal in your case. Our firm can offer you the experience and expertise that your case needs.

Business Litigation Claims and Defenses.

We have successfully represented our clients for claims and defenses in the following areas
of business litigation:

Contracts and Promissory Notes

  • Breach of contract claims for contracts involving businesses, individuals and/or the government;
  • Sales contracts, including litigation under the Uniform Commercial Code;
  • Service Contracts;
  • Suits on Sworn Account for collection of unpaid debts;
  • Sales, purchases, and reorganizations of business entities;
  • Tortious interference with existing and prospective contracts;
  • Suits on promissory notes, guarantees, surety agreements, UCC-1's, and security agreements; and
  • Litigation involving arbitration clauses.


  • Litigation involving the rights, duties, and liability of owners, developers, architects, engineers, general contractors, subcontractors, suppliers, banks, and bonding companies.


  • Statutory fraud;
  • Common law fraud;
  • Fraud by nondisclosure;

Breach of Fiduciary Duty

  • Litigation involving the rights, duties and liabilities of partners, trustees, officers,
    directors, employees, managers, and other business fiduciaries.

Employment Contracts

  • Covenants not to compete upon the sale of a business or termination of and employment agreement;
  • Nondisclosure agreements upon termination of an employment agreement; and
  • Complaints with and proceedings before the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC).

Trade Secret Misappropriation
Trademark and Copyright Violations.

The Results You Need.

Every case is different, and you may unique goals in the prosecution or defense of your
business litigation case. We will work with you to determine the best results for your case and will give you the best chance to obtain the results you want. We have been successful in obtaining the following results for our clients in business litigation cases:

Monetary Recovery

  • Judgment for Money Damages;
  • Settlement of Claims for Monetary Payment before or during Mediation;
  • Successful Appeal of Adverse Judgments;
  • Execution and Collection of Payment after Judgment; and
  • Garnishment of Wages and Other Funds for Payment after Judgment.

Injunctive and Other Relief

  • Temporary Restraining Orders, Temporary Injunctions and Permanent Injunctions;
  • Appointment of a Receiver for a Business or Business Assets;
  • Sequestration of Business Assets to Prevent Fraudulent Transfers;

The Bottom Line.

We are the right firm to represent you in your business litigation case. We have the
experience and expertise your case needs, and we can offer your case the highest quality legal service for an affordable price. Call today to set up an appointment for a consultation with our attorneys for your business litigation case.